Why Garage Floor Painting Has Become So Popular

Painting the garage floor of your North Florida and South Georgia home is a surefire way to complete renovate the look. There is literally no better way to enhance the look and transform the space, like painting the garage floor. More and more homeowners are making the wise choice to opt for this service for […]

Cabinet Painting – A Great Way to Repurpose Your Cabinets

There is nothing quite as exciting as taking on a kitchen remodeling job for your Pinetta home. Even for those families who are not exactly master chefs, just being able to get a new look and feel in this area of your home is rewarding. Yet, you have to know what it takes to be […]

Surprisingly Common Reasons You May Need Drywall Repairs

From the moment you begin moving into your new home, you are putting your walls at risk of damage. Even if your home was custom built for you and no one else has ever resided inside, your walls are not immune to suffering harm. While small blemishes on your drywall may not seem like much, […]

3 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Your Painting Contractor

There are several reasons to use a professional painting contractor for your North Florida or South Georgia house. Instead of trying to complete the job yourself, professional help is easily available. For one, you get quality work when you find the right pro. For another, you save yourself loads of time. And lastly, you save […]

The Best Faux Finishes for Modernizing Your Home’s Appearance

Your home’s wall paint plays a huge role in the atmosphere that you create with your interior design. Every room can have its own look and feeling, and the paint can dramatically change that. At JB & Sons Painting, Inc., our professional North Florida painters can provide high quality faux finishes to help enhance and […]

Using Professional Jasper Drywall Repair Service Contractors

Jasper drywall repair and installation is a daunting task to any homeowner. There are techniques and a particular skill set needed for this job that a professional Jasper contractor will have. It’s much better left to the professionals to get this done for you and in the long run you save time and money.  A […]

Why Hiring A Pinetta Painting Contractor Makes Good Sense

When deciding on whether or not to hire a Pinetta Painting Contractor, there are several things to keep in mind. At the top of the list is the fact that a licensed house painting contractor has two things many homeowners do not; experience and expertise. Painting and decorating projects require specialized skills. One good reason […]

Protecting And Restoring Your Pinetta Deck

Is the weather damaging your Pinetta Deck and making it look dirty? Is it changing the color? Are you considering just getting a new deck built because it seems like too much hard work to restore the worn out deck yourself? Well there’s good news! It’s not that difficult to do some restoration at all! […]

Tips For Easier Pinetta Wallpaper Removal

Pinetta Wallpaper Removal is easy. Well, maybe it’s not really easy, but I have good news for you. Yes, stripping wallpaper is messy and it is time consuming. You would rather do almost anything else. As a professional, my clients have often told me that if not for the wallpaper removal, they would have decorated […]

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